Kielder MTB Trails Northumberland

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Kielder MTB Trails Northumberland

PostPosted by GoingLarge » Sun Jan 22, 2017 5:04 pm

Kielder Mountain Bike Trail
Kielder Forest
Accessibility YES
Restrictions : YES (Kielder is a village of residential areas. Please respect those who live there.
Park in designated car parks only, cycle on designated cycle trails and roads - please do not cycle on pavements or paths and remember to follow the Forestry Cycling Code and respect others and wildlife -

Our rating 5/5

We rated this 5/5 as it offers some of the best MTB trails in England. The trail is designed as a cross country trail but the surprise and anticipation is good for those looking for a trail with adventure. The trail offers a number of uphill and downhill tracks.

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