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Silver King Basin

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This is the best hike around that I've been on. Silver King Basin is about an hours drive from town (maybe 45min?). In the old days you had to walk an extra couple kilometers, but years ago they put in a gate and a parking lot. The first 3 kilometers or so, however, is the boring part. Once you get to Sunny Point (about Kilometer 3) that's when it gets fun. Almost anyone can hike this trail, except maybe the elderly as some places are quite rocky. Younger kids would need some help as well but other than that it's a very easy trail (in my personal opinion).

The first pic is the cabin that's up there. When we were kids it used to be a run-down mining shack that was often occupied by pack rats (never seen them but heard stories). They then tore down the mining shack (I'm guessing mostly because liability issues) and built this nice one, which, needless to say, is a lot nicer. It has about 4-5 rooms plus one reserved for the park rangers, it has a nice table and benches you can sit at and socialize, and it even has a wood-burning fire place. The nice thing is that firewood is provided.

The second picture is just coming up to the cabin (the cabin's another kilometer or 2). It's always rewarding when you get to the cabin. Not really any facilities though, other than an outhouse. Years ago they also put a pipe into the creek which makes for makeshift plumbing. The water up there's often drinkable, but if you're not sure if it is or not, boil it for 5 minutes.

The third picture was taken from the ridge. I can't remember if it was the top of the ridge or just a little lower. You can walk an extra kilometer or so past the cabin where there's another trail going to the top of the ridge called Hyland Pass (I often spell it "Highland"). Once you're at the top of the ridge, though, you could probably walk for miles. That trail at the bottom is the one that connects up to the trail up the pass. They used to mine up there as well but years ago they destroyed and burried the shafts (I'm guessing more liability issues).

Sometimes it can be crazy busy up there but depends on time of the year. Really great hike. In BC (especially around the Smithers Area) there are so many hiking trails you can follow, and numberless places to camp or backpack. Like I've said, this is my favorite place to be. I'm hoping to go up this summer. It's number 1 on my to-do list this year.

***EDIT*** Just looking at pic#3, I think I took it about half way up the ridge on one of the switchback.
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